ULTRA CLEAR 1080p HD IMAGE - Crisp clean image with a 135 wide angle view at 30Fps. This enables the dash cams to capture more detailed footage in all road conditions and capture number plates of other drivers

NIGHTTIME ENHANCEMENT TECHNOLOGY - Sony CMOS image sensors allow for a sharper image in low light conditions

PREVENT VEHICLE BATTERY DRAIN - state-of-the-art parking Mode monitoring system via the G sensor, The F100 dash cam continuously monitors the Health and status of the vehicle battery and will shut down if it detects any issues without the need to purchase additional power magic adaptors

LEADING DRIVER SAFETY FEATURES - UK speed camera (Cyclops) database with free updates (requires optional GPS antenna), emergency record button and G-sensor incident detection

FORMAT FREE - Never again will you have to remove the micro SD card to format It, the F100 uses advance file allocation table Software that helps extend the life of your memory card