Save on fuel (up to 20%)
Reduce vehicle “wear & tear” and maintenance costs
Reduce your emissions
Be one of the smoothest drivers on the road

Elite carplay trackers has been described as the ‘Fitbit for cars’. It’s the first technology in the world that enables drivers to drastically reduce their carbon footprint, improve their on-road safety and monetise their everyday driving with prizes, discounts and cash in recognition of their smooth driving style.

Drivers who want the upper hand can even activate elite carplay real-time, in-cab feedback to help them achieve the ‘Elite Driver’ standard.  This unique functionality uses F1-style live analytics to help drivers stay within their engine’s ‘sweet spot’ typically resulting in a reduction in fuel costs and emissions by as much as 20% and at-fault accidents by as much as 40%.

Other benefits include: vehicle heath monitoring and fault diagnostic alerts, mileage expense reporting, full system configuration, plus more.

All Elite carplay trackers data is securely protected.

The potential savings have been proven and demonstrated through over a million miles of Elite carplay trackers driver data.

Product Specification:

Multi-Colour LED feedback light
Auto-dimming to ambient light
Built in SIM car slot
Built-in GPS for journey reviews
Optional audible feedback with volume control
Internal battery (LiPo)

Smartphone App (iOS & Android);
Track & monitor your score
Vehicle health monitoring
MOT & tax reminders

This is self installation if you need installation then it’s extra cost no
    £299.00 Regular Price
    £199.00Sale Price