The Android auto /  Apple CarPlay MMB (Multimedia Box) plugs into your  CarPlay USB Port to give you extras such as Netflix, YouTube, Live TV, Smart Home Controls and much more. All of these extra upgrades in your existing vehicle & controls

The Carplay System is great and really opens up the functionality of using your device but what if it could do more? The MMB AI Box does just that. It’s based on an Android Operating System that allows you to do some really cool stuff.

Whilst it can offer native options such as Google Maps & Phone Mirroring it really comes alive with the Play Store.  The MMB runs a Powerful Android OS which allows you to download (Within reason) any App on to the system. We’ve trialed it with popular Apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Google Nest and a few other cool apps. Watch our video below to give you some ideas!

You simply plus this dongle into your USB Port that offers the CarPlay, connect it up to your mobile phone hotspot / in-car wifi and away you go.

If you stereo does not feature a Touch Screen Display then you will also need the Universal Remote to fully control the system.

Top Features:

  • Full OEM Integration with Your Native CarPlay System
  • Powerful Android OS
  • Native Google Maps with (Included GPS Antenna)
  • Download Apps from the Google Play Store such as Netflix, YouTube, Google Nest, Twitch & more.
  • Universal Remote available for vehicles with no touch screen control
  • Tether to your mobile phone or In-Car Hotspot for Data Connection
    £260.00 Regular Price
    £200.00Sale Price