Help Center

How long does installation take?

We aim to allocate 1 hour time slots for installation. Please contact us via contact page or facebook if you require install via us. 


Our Self installation kits take roughly 30-45 Minutes.


All self installation kits come with simple instructions to follow.

What type of phone's are compatible?

Almost all iPhones and Androids are compatible with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. If you are ever unsure then please contact us. 

What is the main benefit of CarPlay/Android auto?

By installing one of these systems you will now have a modern unit for your older car, all your apps are now easily accessible on the radio screen while driving and you reduce the risk of an accident or penalty points for driving on the phone.

Is there a guarantee?


All our Carplay are bespoke made for your specific type of car.

You have 1 Years Manufacture Guarantee